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Welcome to our FOLD-em Template tutorial.

PLEASE review the CUTTING BASICS tutorial before attempting to use our FOLD-em or POP-UP templates.

In this tutorial, we will explain a few tips for each FOLD-em template. As stated in the CUTTING BASICS tutorial, you need to start cuts from a corner, if there is one. We will explain this using FOLD-em template #2 first. Attach your template to your desired paper using a good quality removable tape. Ours is a removable/reusable paper tape. It looks like masking tape but is far from it. If you are careful and don't get your finger oils on the tape, you can use it many times. With FOLD-em templates, you normally want to use a 2-sided paper. There are a lot of duplex card stocks available, but do not use any that are so thick that they will be difficult to cut, and may break on the crease when folded. We like to attach 2 thin sheets of paper (such as our exotics and text weight papers) using a Xyron or 2-sided adhesive material such as our DOUBLE-SIDED ADHESIVE ROLLS. You get 1000's of possibilities using this method.

Place the knife blade in the corner and cut toward the end of the slit. Have the slit lined up with the elbow of your cutting arm. See step 1. Be careful to not run the blade up the template when you reach the end of the slit. This will dull the blade prematurely.

Cut all of the slits down one side of the template, turn your template and cut the slits on the other side. See step 2. Note that there are long slits and short slits, forming large flaps and short flaps. You want to fold all of the LARGE flaps using our FOLDING-AID as shown. Hold the design in your left hand (if right-handed) with the flaps pointing to the right. Slip the FOLDING-AID under the left-most large flap (step 3) and flip the FOLDING-AID over to start the crease (step 4). You must start at this position or you will be folding a flap over one that has not yet been folded. Do this while holding the cut design in your hand (use your hand as the table). Holding the design in your hand makes it easier to slip the FOLDING-AID under the flap. Placing the design on the table to do the creasing will only take more time, as you'll have to pick it up again to slip the FOLDING-AID under the next flap. Do this for each large flap. Place the design on the table and use a device like our ROLLER-CREASER to further flatten the creases (step 5). Each large flap now tucks under the small flap (step 6). THIS IS TRUE FOR EVERY FOLD-em TEMPLATE EXCEPT #6 WHICH WILL BE EXPLAINED LATER.
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